July 4, 2018   •   News

Update on our CLIFF-GRADS winners

Three of our CLIFF-GRADS winners, Sebastian Vangeli, Banira Lombardi and Ofonime Eyo have now begun research at their host institutions.

Sebastian is from Argentina, and is being hosted by Rothamsted Research and Bangor University, UK for the project “Structures and date requirements to develop a higher-tier agricultural GHG inventory”. (photo credit: Sebastian Vangeli)


Banira is from Argentina, and is being hosted by CIAT, Colombia for the project “Pasture type influence on soil N2O emission from cattle excreta”. (photo credit: Daniel Villegas)


Ofonime is from Nigeria, and is being hosted by CIMMYT, Bangladesh for the project “Identifying greenhouse gas emissions hotspot and mitigation options for the agricultural sector in Bangladesh” (photo credit: Ofonime Eyo)

The CLIFF-GRADS awards are the new annual Global Research Alliance-CGIAR scholarship. Read more about CLIFF-GRADS here

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