June 1, 2016   •   News

The Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases is delighted to announce our new Special Representative, Hayden Montgomery. This is the first time the Alliance has appointed such a role, which will help us in our work with international and regional organisations, NGOs and the agricultural sector globally.

More specifically, the two-year pilot role will involve:

  • Lifting the Alliance’s profile at relevant international meetings and within Member countries
  • Broadening links with NGOs, potential partners, the agricultural sector and philanthropic organisations
  • Helping secure funding for research projects
  • Promoting the Alliance to potential Member countries

Hayden will be known to some Members as the person responsible for setting up the LEARN Network, in some ways a precursor to the Alliance; and as part of the team that initially helped establish the Alliance, including the Secretariat.

We are very pleased to welcome Hayden in his new role.

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