AFINET (Agroforestry Innovation Networks) is a Thematic Network funded with 2 Million Euros by the European Commission aiming at promoting innovation through the involvement of 1000 pioneer farmers from 9 European Countries. Four main challenges were identified to overcome the technical and economical (business plans development, value chain sustainability) issues but also the improvement of society communication through the introduction of agroforestry concepts at all educational levels. Finally better policies are claimed to improve agroforestry implementation across Europe that should be linked to the new National CAP strategic plans. An alive AFINET handbook was created to help farmers to tackle these challenges and translated to English, Spanish and Italian languages. The handbook explains the most relevant concepts of agroforestry and provides excellent innovations to implement agroforestry across Europe.

The AFINET handbook information is freely available here and any agroforester can contribute to expand it by contacting [email protected].