Determining better fundamental knowledge of how crop and livestock interactions can sequester soil organic carbon, mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, enhance soil quality, and improve agricultural resiliency.

The Integrated Crop-Livestock Systems Network is a network of the Croplands Research Group of the Global Research Alliance. The Network aims to identify ways to improve production through the greater integration of Crop-Livestock Systems. A diversity of systems, climate and soils mean that no one solution will suit every system or region. The Network may consider expanding to consider different types of systems through regional activities in the future.

Tools that are able to compare mitigation impacts across systems, such as an emissions intensity focus or partial life cycle analysis, are useful to tie systems together and could be something considered by all of the Global Research Alliance’s Research Groups.

Upcoming activities for the Network include:

  • Integrate new Network coordinator into ongoing CRG activities
  • Coordinate with organisers to establish session on greenhouse gas mitigation opportunities from integrated systems at II World Congress on Integrated Crop-Livestock-Forest Systems on 3-6 May 2021

For more information on the Integrated Crop-Livestock Systems Network, please contact Coordinator: Alberto Bernardi ([email protected]).