Defining how systems in different ecoregions can sequester soil organic carbon, mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, enhance soil quality, and improve agricultural resiliency.

The Agroforestry Systems Network is a network of the Croplands Research Group of the Global Research Alliance. Twelve researchers participate in this network, including the World Agroforestry Centre in Nairobi. The network covers a range of practices such as ally cropping, silvopastoral systems, riparian planting and also includes adaptation practices and other agricultural systems (e.g., integrated livestock).


Upcoming activities

The Network has proposed a workshop alongside the 2019 Canadian Soil Science Society at the University of Saskatchewan. If the proposal is accepted, funding would be provided for two speakers and graduate students from members of the Croplands Research Group.

The next steps for the network are to:

  • Increase regional participation and identify different the regional systems represented
  • Finalise the factsheet to share with the Croplands Research Group
  • Identify the impediments to adoption
  • New research to understand what happens at the tree-crop interface, addition of trees to systems and how to alter them.