Interpreting available data and developing strategies to limit peatland soil organic carbon loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in boreal, temperate, and tropical regions of peatlands and agricultural wetlands.

The Peatlands Management Network is a network of the Croplands Research Group of the Global Research Alliance.

The Network should also consider activities to support peatlands restoration, a research area that is not well covered elsewhere in the Croplands Research Group and could increase participation, especially from European countries.

A workshop of the Network will be organised for July-September 2017 in Norway, funding has been applied for to cover the cost of travel and accommodation up to 20 participants.

The areas of interest for the Network include:

  • Making the Network globally relevant and different from existing groups (e.g., FAO).
  • Identifying where lands should be cultivated and the best management options to reduce emissions.
  • Identifying what peatlands should/could be restored based on the policies and requirements for each country.
  • Renaming the Network to “Peatlands and Land Use Planning Network”.
  • Completing a stocktake and inventory –of fertilisation and drainage policies globally.
  • Creating a database of sustainable fertiliser practices.


Upcoming Activities

  • Contact the leaders of the FAO Mitigation of Climate Change in Agriculture (MICCA) and the International Peatland Society (IPS) to identify gaps for the CRG Peatlands Network and collaboration opportunities.
  • Contact Alliance country representatives to expand contacts.
  • Review the main challenges facing cultivated peatlands in different regions
  • Opportunity to develop a proposal for a Horizon 2020 funding call on greenhouse gases.

The Peatlands Management Network is expanding participation to other countries that have cultivated peatlands, such as the Baltic region and South East Asia as the Network should consider mitigation options for boreal systems and tropical peatlands.

Hanna Silvennoinen, Scientist, Secretary for Environment & Natural Resources