Aims to improve national greenhouse gas inventories, including their usefulness for better agricultural greenhouse gas policy purposes, and promote and support consistent methodologies for the compilation of emissions inventories.

The Network shares information, knowledge, and data on inventory methods to identify priorities for collaboration that improve comparability, coherence, quality, and verifiability of emissions trends and potential mitigation actions.

The Network has identified several areas of work under four key themes:

  • To share knowledge and facilitate collaboration on the application of remote sensing to improve activity data
  • To improve the capability to quantify adaptation and mitigation options at farm level (“farming system”)
  • To produce guidance for determining emission intensity (“sustainable intensification”)
  • To share knowledge and facilitate collaboration on improving national inventories.

Andrea Pickering

Ministry for Primary Industries

New Zealand

Brian McConkey, Research Scientist

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


Jan Verhagen, Researcher

Wageningen UR